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High Quality Surgical Care

Dr. Sheppard provides high-quality, compassionate surgical care for disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, hernia, cancer, breast disease and other general surgical issues.  

Having been a patient and understanding their concerns and anxieties, Dr. Sheppard works to ensure patients feel informed and comfortable that they are making the best decisions for their life, whether this means pursuing surgery or not.

Dr. Ray Sheppard has decades of hands-on experience with a wide variety of surgical procedures. At the same time, as modern medicine has advanced over the years, he’s worked hard to staying current with the latest technologies in order to offer you the best care possible.

Advanced Surgical Techniques

By taking advantage of the latest developments being made in laparoscopic and robotic surgery, Dr. Sheppard can provide patients with safer, less invasive procedures. In contrast to the large open cuts required by conventional surgery methods, laparoscopic surgery is performed with a fiber-optic videoscope and other small instruments that are inserted through tiny incisions. This results in less pain and a faster recovery time.

While surgery isn’t needed for every medical condition, when it is the right option for your best health, Dr Sheppard will utilize procedures and techniques to lessen the impact and pain of surgery whenever appropriate.

To learn more please contact Dr. Sheppard at (256) 880-4510 today to schedule an appointment.