Hernia Surgery

Hernia surgery is one of the most common procedures in the United States.

A hernia is a bulge or protrusion of any bodily organ through an area that it doesn’t belong. Hernias are most often found in the abdominal wall. They can, however, occur anywhere in the body.

Hernias do not heal on their own. In surgical repair surgery, the surgeon pushes the protruding tissue back into place and repairs the weakened area that allowed it to protrude. This may be done with surgical mesh or by using the patient’s own tissue.

Hernia surgery may be done as open abdominal surgery or as a laparoscopic procedure. It not only alleviates pain, it prevents the hernia from becoming incarcerated or strangulated, either of which is an emergency situation.

Dr. Sheppard has expertise in treatment of all types of hernias, including minimally invasive complex abdominal wall reconstructions.

Common Hernia Types

  • INCISIONAL hernias occur at the site of any previous surgical incision.
  • UMBILICAL hernias occur around the naval where the umbilical cord once passed through the abdominal wall.
  • INGUINAL hernias occur in the groin where ovarian and testicular ligaments as well as other internal structures pass through the abdominal wall. These may be acquired (wear and tear) or congenital (remnants left over from birth).
  • FEMORAL hernias occur just below the groin. It may appear similar to an inguinal hernia. It occurs where blood vessels and nerves pass through the groin into the leg.
  • EPIGASTRIC hernias (similar to an umbilical hernias) occur higher up on the abdomen between the naval and the chest.
  • VENTRAL hernias occur anywhere in the abdominal wall.
Hernia Quality Control Collaborative

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